How to Upgrade Your Garden Homemendous

Your garden, a piece of nature, is an extension of your home therefore it should be heavenly designed. You might decide to plant some delicious food or fruits in yours, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look relaxing and attractive. But sometimes our garden can look so very.. what’s the word? ‘Undesiring’ despite the effort we have put into it or sometimes it  feels like not much can be done to a small garden, no matter the budget, but with the right tips this can change.

If you ever feel the need to make your garden be more vibrant, blooming, lush greenery and more serene you’ve found the right article. The tips and steps I’m about to share with you will equip you with several ways to upgrade your garden tremendously, catering for various styles and budgets. Now grab your garden gloves, unleash your creativity and let’s your garden an haven you would love to spending time in. The size of your garden should not stop your garden from looking desirable and attractive, so don’t overlook that little garden you have around. Follow this guard in this article by Business Atlus, and fall in love with your garden like never before.

Determine the purpose of the Garden:

This is an important one, we have to know the purpose of the garden if it’s for just beautification or to grow foods. This would allow you to know the perfect position, design and maintenance method that should be adopted.

If for food purposes you should consider planting it somewhere secure and a place that’s open for enough sunlight, you might probably want to plant it in your backyard. But if it is just for beautification purposes you can choose to plant it in a relatively secure place, you want it in a place where its presence adds the necessary beauty to your home.

Assess and Analyze


After knowing the purpose of the garden the step to to assess and analyze the condition of the space or environment. Here are some things you should access:

Sunlight: How much sunlight does your garden require? Different plants have varying sunlight requirements, it is important to know the sunlight requirements of the plant you would like to have in your garden, be it a flower plant or a crop plant the sunlight requirements must be known before planting.

  1. Soil: What kind of soil do you have? Sandy, Clay or Loamy soil, knowing the kind of soil in the space would allow you to choose the right plant and get the right soil for the plant of your choice. A simple soil test kit can reveal valuable information about the soil.
  2. How to Upgrade Your Garden Homemendous
  1. Space: How is the space you have to work with? Is it a cozy space in the balcony or sprawling backyard. Knowing the size of the space would determine the types and quantity of plant that should be planted.
  1. Water Access: Do you have access to water easily or will you rely on rain or other water systems ? Knowing how you get water allows you to know the plant you should grow, you could implement an irrigation system to allow more water into the garden or choose a drought-tolerant plant that can adapt to harsh conditions.

After Access and Analyzing the listed conditions we can go on to the proper steps for upgrading your garden


The cleaner the prettier: Sounds easy, but given your garden a thorough clean can give it an instant lift. If you’d like to spend, you could consider changing your decking to hardwood like decking oil or you might prefer a softwood like coloured stain. Once cleaned you can keep it looking good for longer by sealing the surface. The type of sealant you use will depend on your paving type, so be sure to do a little research online before purchasing. Do well to allow the paving dry before applying the sealant.

  1. Understand the plant you’re planting: Most people make terrible decisions about the plant they want to grow. Just like we’ve discussed above, concerning questions that should be asked to assess and analyze the situation of the environment, before deciding on the type of plant that is suitable for your environment. You should be realistic about what you can grow. If you have enough time, you can pick a plant that requires a lot of attention and nurturing, if you’ve less time you can opt for plants that need little attention, such as hardy evergreen shrubs.
  1. Spruce up your furniture: Your garden furniture is a crucial part of the garden. Who doesn’t want to entertain friends and family in our garden. Thus you’d probably need a set of decent garden furniture to make your garden look more attractive. If you don’t have enough funds or you are on a tight budget, you might be able to improve the appearance of your furniture with little cost. Spray the wood part of your furniture, also change the cloth to new colorful ones.
  1. Add accessories : Accessories  add an instant life to your garden. Lightening your garden with some lanterns or a group of jams jar and tea lights. For an environmentally friendly way to achieve a unique look, consider second-hand or upcycled items. There are many stunning salvage antiques out there, which can be repurposed for the garden: from cast iron baths to stone statues.
  1. Water Features: Incorporate water features such as fountains, ponds, or artificial waterfalls to add a soothing and serene element to your garden. The sound of running water can create a calming and peaceful atmosphere and might also attract birds and wildlife.
  2. Around the boundaries: Treat your boundaries to an overhaul. Your boundaries have to have a sharp distinct design, if not they will detract from whatever else you do to the garden. You can turn a boring fence into a key feature by adding a trellis and buying a couple of climbing plants. You can also repaint the walls with some beautiful colors, to add more attractiveness to your garden.


Following these strategies and steps, you can upgrade your garden at home tremendously, creating a beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come. Happy gardening!


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